Safety Nets

Viraj Safety First manufactures one of world’s top quality Fall Arrest Safety Net solutions made out of the highest standards of Polypropylene ropes. The Fall Arrest Safety Nets by Viraj Safety First provide confidence to workers to safely work at height without any worries from falling objects. The safety net is designed to provide maximum shock absorption resulting in reducing any collision with theworkforce.

Viraj Safety First Fall Arrest Safety Nets are manufactured in various sizes, as per the desired requirement.

Product Code UGSN1001
With Overlay Net
Mesh Size 25mm/50mm/75mm/100mm
Mesh Rope Diameter 2mm/4mm/6mm
Net Size 10mx5m/10mx3m/6mx4m
Edge Rope Diameter 12mm
Tie Cord Diameter 12mm
Conforms to IS 5175