Full Body Harness
Comfortable and lightweight, keeps you guarded and safe!

Viraj Safety First's safety harnesses and body belts are designed to provide utmost safety while keeping the user extremely comfortable when working at height.
Incomparable ergonomics and features that are suitable for a wide range of harnesses.

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Allow the user easy movability at height!

Viraj Safety First provides a broad range of lanyards that provide top quality compliance and are trusted by workers to keep them safe. The lanyards are available in different lengths with different combinations of hooks and connectors as per the requirement of the users.

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Rope Grab Fall Arresters
No manual adjustments, double locking system!

Viraj Safety First’s fine combination of automatic Rope Grab Fall Arresters and Anchorage Lines providesutmost fall arrest at any height or position. The user does not require any manual adjustment while ascending or descending. The fall arresters have a twin gravity locking system.

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Safety Nets
No more falling objects!

Viraj Safety First manufactures one of world's top quality Fall Arrest Safety Net solutions made out of the highest standards of Polypropylene ropes. The Fall Arrest Safety Nets by Viraj Safety First provide confidence to workers to safely work at height without any worries from falling objects.

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Manufacturers Of Fall Protection Equipment

Viraj Safety First, the fall protection arm of Uviraj, is one of India’s leading manufacturers of fall protection products supplying to numerous industries across the world. The complete range of Viraj Safety First products are certified as per the European (EN) and Indian standards (BIS) accredited by globally notified bodies and is marked with the prestigious CE and IS certification.

Since 2007, under co-branding, Viraj Safety First is manufacturing high quality safety harnesses and lanyards for 3M-Capital Safety, one of the pioneers and giants in Fall Protection products. Also, the brand is approved and certified as a manufacturer for many European brands in countries like Spain, Italy and United Kingdom. In South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa and South America, Viraj Safety First brand is well established and are selling through a widely spread distributor network.

Call us on +91-512-2690031 or email us at enquiry@uviraj.com
for our friendly assistance today.
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